Types of Organizations

  • functional organizations
  • projectized organizations
  • matrix organizations
    • strong
    • weak
    • balanced

PMP Functional Organizations
Functional Organization

  • team members work for other departments
  • project manager has low power, weak
  • more company expertise in each department
  • resources may not be dedicated to project

Projectized Organization

  • organization is structured according to projects
  • project manager manages project and people
  • project manager has most power and complete authority
  • team members belong to project and may lose job after project


  • strong
    • project manager has more weight
  • ¬†weak
    • functional manager has more weight
  • ¬†balanced
    • power distributed
  • higher overhead because of duplication of effort
  • may be problems between project manager and functional manager

PMP Organization Types
PMI organizational types