Process Framework in Project Management
5 process groups:

  1. initiating (Start)
  2. planning(Plan)
  3. executing(Do)
  4. monitoring and controlling(Check and Act)
  5. closing(End)

PMP recognizes 9 Knowledge Areas

  1. Integration Management
  2. Scope Management
  3. Time Management
  4. Cost Management
  5. Quality Management
  6. Human Resource Management
  7. Communications Management
  8. Risk Management
  9. Procurement Management

Each PMP process has 3 elements

  1. inputs
  2. tools and techniques
  3. outputs

PMP Initiating Process
made of 2 processes

  1. Develop Project Charter
    1. business need clearly defined
    2. why this project was chosen
  2. Identify stakeholders
    1. stakeholder register created

PMP Planning Process

  1. develop project management plan
  2. collect requirements
  3. define scope
  4. create WBS
  5. define activities
  6. sequence activities
  7. estimate activity resources
  8. estimate activity durations
  9. develop schedule
  10. estimate costs
  11. determine budget
  12. plan quality
  13. develop human resource plan
  14. plan communications
  15. plan risk management
  16. identify risks
  17. perform qualitative risk analysis
  18. perform quantitative risk analysis
  19. plan risk responses
  20. plan procurements

largest process group
20 processes
PMP Executing Process

  1. direct and manage project execution
  2. perform quality assurance
  3. acquire project team
  4. develop project team
  5. manage project team
  6. distribute information
  7. manage stakeholder expectations
  8. conduct procurements

most work here
carry out the plan
PMP Monitoring and Controlling Process
Monitoring and Controlling

  1. monitor and control project work
  2. perform change management
  3. verify scope
  4. control scope
  5. control schedule
  6. control costs
  7. perform quality control
  8. report performance
  9. monitor and control risks
  10. administer procurements

things measured, inspected, monitored,  compared and reviewed
take results from executing processes and compare them to plan
10 processes
PMP Closing Process

  1. close project or phase
  2. close procurements

Overview of all PMP processes

PMP Project Management Processes





Monitoring and Controlling



Develop Project Charter

Develop Project mgmt plan

Direct & Manage Project Execution

Monitor & control project work
Perform integrated change control

Close project or phase



Collect Requirements
Define Scope
Create WBS


Verify scope
Control scope




Define Activities
Sequence Activities
Estimate Activity Resources
Estimate Activity Durations
Develop Schedule


Control schedule




Estimate cost
Determine Budget


Control costs




Plan Quality

Perform Quality Assurance

Perform quality control


Human Resource


Develop Human Resource Plan

Acquire Project Team
Develop Project team
Manage project team




Identify Stakeholders

Plan Communication

Distribute Info
Manage stakeholder expectations

Report performance




Plan Risk Mgmt
Identify risks
Perform qualitative Risk  Analysis
Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
Plan Risk Reponses


Monitor and control risks




Plan Procurement

conduct procurements

Administer procurements

Close procurements

PMP Process Framework