Project Management Roles
Project Manager

  • person responsible for outcome of the project
  • in control of project
  • makes decision on project
  • usually found in matrix or projectized organization
  • in charge of budget

Project Coordinator

  • weaker than project manger
  • may not be able to make decisions
  • may not be in charge of budget
  • may be able to reassign some resources
  • found in weak matrix or functional organization

project expeditor

  • weakest of all
  • little or no authority
  • found in functional organization

Functional Manager

  • manager in functional organizations
  • usually owns the resources loaned to project
  • good source of knowledge


  • people or organizations whose interest have a positive or negative influence on the project


  • person paying for the project
  • internal or external to organization
  • could be the customer

Program Manager

  • manages programs( Multiple projects)

Project Office

  • support
  • define standards, best practices
  • audits projects

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